Hello friend and welcome! - I’m Roma - a color-loving abstract artist who creates vibrant, joy-filled art to elevate beautiful spaces. Painting for me is a visual expression of my faith in God, the ultimate creator, and His love for you with every color choice and through every brush stroke.

Painting was a hobby of mine as a child, but I returned to my brushes in January of 2017 after a 12 year hiatus. It was only then that a true fire sparked in me and I realized that I had found my passion. 

This journey has been a complete answer to prayer for me, and it is my hope that my work will inspire you on your personal journey, while conveying the deepest expression of my worship and faith.

Born in the beautiful British Virgin Islands, I graduated from the Inter American University of Puerto Rico with a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing. I live and create in the suburbs of Dallas, Texas with my loving husband of 17 years, and our two amazing children.